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In business, there are two ways to make more money: increase revenue or decrease costs. As organisations grow and become more complex, so too do costs, with processes becoming more complex, unwieldy and time-consuming. There’s a simple, smart solution: automation.

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The benefits of automating your organisation digitally are remarkable: happier customers, happier staff, and a more profitable and saleable business.
The Flume team

Why automation matters?

Automation transforms organisations.

But first, there’s understanding

Successfully automation is entirely contingent on thoroughly understanding how a business currently operates. We’ll run you through our strategic process, in which we’ll create the vision for how your business will work, automated.

Design. Deliver. Automate.

Once your project has been well scoped, we have the internal design, development and project management resource to take your automation platform through to launch – and beyond.

Did we mention Agile?

Throughout the process, we operate in an Agile methodology, giving you close involvement, input and control over the final product.

Remarkable automation.

Our automation services

Digital Automation

First we’ll throughly learn how your current business operates, then we’ll scope, create, design and implement your far more efficient, automated business.

Systems Integration

Integrated systems save time, reduce human error and allow you to access data in real time. Ask us to design and build an integration service that synchronises your systems.

Our other service lines

Digital Platforms

Looking to create an online product, service or marketplace? Learn about our proven process for taking big ideas from vision to reality. Or changing old ways into remarkable new ways.


Strategy defines the undefined and charts your future. Flume can work with your organisation to create a smart, considered strategy: a clear path towards better engaging your customers and transforming your business.


Is your website working hard enough for your organisation? Find out how we build websites that can tranform your customer experience – as well as your business.

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