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Brand identity

Brand design that connects with customers

A brand identity should always seek to connect your business with its ideal customer. It begins with a clear understanding of your business and it ends with a new brand design system that presents your business to your customers as credible and trustworthy.

Why your brand identity matters

Brand is extremely important for any organisation and, done well, is impactful, single- minded and connects on a deeper level with the people it is trying to serve. At its core, a brand is not just a logo, it’s a system that builds trust and credibility in the eyes of your customers and potential customers.

What we do

If your brand has not been refreshed in a long time, or you really want to see where your brand can go, this is the right service for you. We will meet with key people in your organisation to get a better understanding of your business. We’ll then explore a number of different brand directions, including showing how each brand system works together. Our concepts will cover: a safe option, a more explorative option and one that pushes the boat out. After collecting your feedback, we’ll then work to refine one direction to a completed brand concept.

How great brand design helps

Brand design, when done well connects your business with customers. At the end of our process you’ll have a robust, impactful and versatile new brand direction and system that projects a professional, modern and future-focused organisation to the people that matter most. We’ll then work with you to roll this out into your brand assets.

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