About us

Flume is a new breed of digital agency, renowned for transforming the way organisations deliver their customer experience.

What we believe in

We believe that, done right, digital has the power to fundamentally transform how a business operates and delivers value to customers, and to transform profitability too. As our clients will tell you, digital transformation can lead to remarkable results.

The team

Our team of transformers

Cody CarnachanCody Carnachanclose
Cody Carnachan
Managing Director
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Nathanael HollingsNathanael Hollingsclose
Nathanael Hollings
Senior Developer
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Vlad MehakovicVlad Mehakovic
Vlad Mehakovic
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Bagaskara Wisnu GunawanBagaskara Wisnu Gunawan
Bagaskara Wisnu Gunawan
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Curtis YipCurtis Yip
Curtis Yip
Senior Developer
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This is what we live by...

Our values manifesto

We're all on the same team
Act with integrity
Challenge and improve
Seek clarity
Pursue excellence
Deliver with precision
Minimise surprises
Learn from mistakes
Be bold enough to make them
There’s an I in team
Deal with the hard stuff. Early
Celebrate the wins
Have fun
Your success is my success

What we’re talking about

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October 21, 2021
Our Story
Meet the team - Nathan
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