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Customer personas

The compass that guides your business to success

Before your business can begin to offer a great customer experience, it must first define who that experience is for. Developing detailed customer personas (also referred to as buyer personas) helps you to focus your attention toward the needs of the people who matter most to your bottom-line. Unsurprisingly, this focus also delivers huge benefits to your staff, who inevitably prefer dealing with happy customers.

Why customer personas matter

Your customers must lie at the centre of your businesses’ decisions. Whether it be brand, marketing or digital activity, knowing your customers; what’s important to them, what motivates them and what their goals are, allows you to tailor your approach and ensure it resonates with them on a deeper level.

What we do

In this service, we will run a workshop with you to identify up to 6 key personas that represent the majority of your customer base. We’ll then work through each of these personas to map out demographic information, as well as their pain points, goals and the specific strategies through which you address these goals.

How buyer personas help

After undertaking this service, you will have a good understanding of your customers and will be able to share these insights throughout your team. Furthermore, your customer personas will become a compass that you can use in any other projects to ensure you are always keeping your customers at the forefront of any new initiatives.

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