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Brand refresh

Refreshing your brand doesn’t always mean starting from scratch

For many businesses, their brand identity doesn’t require a complete overhaul. A simple logo redesign, that modernises a look, or aligns existing assets to a new business position may be all that’s required. Our focus is on the outcome for your business, not a desire to sell you branding work you don’t need. A branding refresh is often the perfect balance between getting you the brand impact your business deserves, without reinventing the wheel.

Why a logo redesign or brand refresh matters

Brand is extremely important for any organisation and, done well, is impactful, single- minded and connects on a deeper level with the people it is trying to serve. At its core, a brand is not just a logo, it’s a system that builds trust and credibility in the eyes of your customers and potential customers.

What we do

Sometimes it’s not viable or necessary to undertake an extensive rebrand project. In this service, we will take your existing brand assets and breathe new life into it. While the exact brand components we focus on can be flexible, this process usually focuses on a redesign of your logo, colour palette and fonts.

How a brand refresh helps

After undertaking this service you’ll have a reinvigorated but simple brand system that projects a professional, modern and future-focused organisation to your customers, evoking a renewed sense of pride in your business for you and your team.

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