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Custom CRM software & internal platforms

Streamline your business with a customised CRM software solution

Technology should be a great efficiency tool for business. But, as more technologies are added to your business ecosystem, the overall impact, can often be to slow you down. Customised CRM software can help to streamline your business and provide a wide range of immediate and long-term benefits.

Why customised CRM software matters

There is a wide range of technology and services available for businesses to utilise, and many of them are useful. But, over time, adding more and more technology often leads to a technology ecosystem with components that work well in silos but do not work efficiently together or provide a great customer experience. When reaching this threshold, it often makes sense for an organisation to build their own custom CRM or internal platform.

What we do

Successfully streamlining all, or part, of an organisations technology ecosystem is entirely contingent on being able to thoroughly understand how the current ecosystem operates. First, we’ll run you through our Platform Strategy (PX) process, where we’ll create the vision for how your business will work, streamlined. Once your project has been well scoped, we have the internal design, development and project management resource to take your custom CRM or internal platform through to launch. All along the way, we operate in an Agile methodology, giving you close involvement, input and control over the final product. Additionally, and where possible, we will utilise pre-existing technology to contain costs and not reinvent the wheel.

How customised CRM software helps

At the end of this process, you’ll have technology that works exactly the way you need it to for your organisation. This provides a number of powerful benefits including more efficient processes and a better customer experience. It also gives you more options: the ability to scale, or, by capitalising your processes into technology, a more exit-able business.

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