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Systems integration

Save time and potential errors by integrating your systems data

Many businesses operate a number of systems across their business, but still need to manually transfer data from one system into another. Systems Integration allows different systems to ‘talk’ to each other, sharing critical information and removing the need for double handling of work along with the potential for costly mistakes.

Why systems integration matters

While you may not know it, many online services that you use to run your business, now have the ability to talk to one another, through APIs. This means that you may be doubling up on work by manually moving information between, or out of, these systems. If two online services have open APIs, then the chances are that we can integrate them to synchronise information, automagically.

What we do

In order to integrate two systems (or more), we will need to look at the data that is accessible from each of the systems. We’ll then design a way to map the data to ensure the correct information is flowing to where you need it. Finally, we’ll build an integration service that is able to synchronise the systems together. It’s that simple.

How systems integration helps  

Better integrated systems provide a whole lot of benefits for your business. In particular, it saves you time and errors doing manual data entry or offline tasks. It also allows you access to your data in real-time. The result? More oversight for you and, more time for your staff to do more valuable tasks

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