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Brand positioning strategy

Standing out from your competitors starts with a clear brand position

Brand positioning is the process of defining your business. This means understanding what’s important to you and why. Once you’re clear on why you’re here, and who your business is uniquely suited to help, defining a clear and concise means of telling that story becomes much easier – whether on a website, in a brochure or, in a conversation with a prospective customer.

Why a brand positioning strategy matters

Many businesses exist without a clear idea of the values that drive them, and the value that they create for their customers. Not having a succinct way to communicate what you stand for as a business will hold you back, but, more importantly, the modern day consumer wants to align themselves with brands that they can connect with and relate to.

What we do

In this service, we will run a workshop with you to dive into what drives you as a business; your mission, “why”, values, goals, what makes you different and how you create value. We’ll then craft this into a succinct and compelling brand positioning framework that you can use for your communications.

How brand positioning helps

After undertaking this service, you will have a good understanding of your business, what sets you apart and how you can effectively communicate these differences with your customers. Your brand

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