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Website strategy

Setting the platform for website success

Defining who you’re building for and what your expectations are, is critical to the success of any website project. A sound website strategy will identify what’s important, outline how it will meet or exceed customer needs and, be structured to be more readily found by Google. In short, everything your website needs to generate remarkable results.

Why a website strategy matters

Your website isn’t just a brochure — it can be your best sales person. Too many websites are created without consideration for the stage in the journey that a customer or potential customer might be in at any given time. A successful website takes into account the needs of users, search engines and your business, optimising your bottom-line performance as a result. It all starts with a well-defined strategy.

What we do

In this service, we will run a workshop with you to uncover the goals your business has for your website, and how these will be measured. We will then brainstorm out all of the possible pieces of content a user will need, specifically referencing your customer personas and digital experience strategy (if you have them). We’ll then apply best practice to create a site structure and brief that is built to succeed.

How a website strategy helps

Many people develop new websites that are centred around pages, not customer journeys. Undertaking this service will ensure that your website has the best chance of providing value to your users and, in turn, a return on your investment.

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