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Start-up prototyping

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Start-up prototyping provides a cost effective means of testing your planned digital platform before you fully commit to building it. For new ventures or platform concepts, it can often be valuable to create a prototype to test your ideas, gain valuable customer feedback and then confirm your complete platform scope. Prototyping can also be used as a proof-of-concept to support an application for additional funding.

Why start-up prototyping matters

Are you looking to launch a new online venture or platform, but not quite ready to commit to the full build, or need to get funding first? Sometimes, the right first step is to bring your idea to life in the form of a concept, or, prototype, which will help you and the people around you see the value your platform will create. Not to mention, you’ll gain valuable feedback.

What we do

We will run you through our start-up prototyping programme, helping you bring your vision to life. This starts with our Platform Strategy (PX) service which involves ideating, refining and finalising the scope of your platform. We’ll then take this finalised scope and work with you to build the user experience, or, wireframes, for it.

How start-up prototyping helps

Building a digital platform is no mean feat. It takes a lot of time, energy, skill and resources. And, often, you need to get buy-in from different parties, such as investors in order to make the project possible. This service gives you everything you need to refine, communicate and, most importantly, show your vision.

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