We are a digital transformation agency.

At Flume, we’ve helped business leaders transform their customer experience – and their organisations – through remarkable digital solutions.
You may know us as Hatch, but we've recently rebranded to Flume
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Where the bold succeed

In this day and age, an average customer experience just doesn't cut it — the new standard is delight. But, change isn't easy. The good news? Organisations who are bold enough to overcome the inertia of change won't just survive, they’ll thrive.

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What we do

We deliver tangible results by crafting transformative  digital experiences in 6 key areas

Digital Transformation

Great customer experiences means doing things smarter, not harder. Effective digital transformation enhances your customer’s experience of your business while adding efficiency, insight and profitability.

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Websites are an important sales tool for your business. We’ll help you maximise your website’s performance, ensuring you can measure the metrics that are most important to your business success.

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Smart business solutions require clarity about your intended outcomes. Clear strategies apply across the entire customer experience, including; brand and positioning, digital experience, websites and more.

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Digital Platforms

With a clear digital strategy and defined customer experience targets, we’ll work with you to help you navigate the complexity of building a platform that meets your needs, now and into the future.

Discover our digital platforms solutions.

Customer Experience

Smart business technologies should always positively impact the customer. So, understanding your customer, what’s important to them and, how we can improve their experience, is critical to future success.

Discover our customer experience solutions.

Branding & Communications

Being clear about the values that drive your business and, the value you provide customers, allows consumers to connect and align with your business. We’ll help you find your voice and bring it to life.

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Who we are

We're champions of the bold

At Flume, we’re passionate about leveraging digital to improve everyday life. We partner with bold leaders who are looking for clever, crafted, digital experiences that meet the complex needs of modern organisations, and more importantly, the needs of their customers.

What makes us different

Change – we love it

Transformation by its very nature isn’t easy; it requires the capacity to think big, get the small stuff right and keep the goal posts in sight while things are changing. While this journey can be uncomfortable and challenging, its right where true growth happens.

Chasing the remarkable

No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe. That doesn’t mean that we’re reckless. On the contrary: it means that we’re willing to ask the hard questions, really shake things up and try new ways of doing things. All in the pursuit of achieving something truly remarkable.

Champions of the customer

We believe that great experiences come from an acute understanding of the humans at the centre of them. That means you, your customer, and sometimes your customer’s customer. It’s through understanding their diverse needs that we can create digital experiences that engage and delight.

And most importantly...

We're with you from start to finish, and beyond. Just like these guys.

Don't just take our word for it

Sarah McLeod

I’ve had so much fun working with Flume. They have listened and understood the needs specific to my business. They have always been incredibly solution focussed. I have always felt they make time for me and my questions.

Sarah McLeod
Managing Director

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