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Successful transformation requires organisations to challenge the status quo, transform outmoded methodology and boldly embrace change. But first, it requires a smart, considered strategy that sets out a clear path for transformation.

A bolder business

What is strategy?

Starting a new business or making large-scale digital change in an existing business can be  daunting, for even the most visionary leader. At Flume, we take the time to get to know your business and where you want to go, then put a plan into place to get you there.
Team planning strategy

Why it matters?

Strategy defines the undefined and charts your future.

Strategy sets the goal posts  

A digital strategy creates a clear path to hit your business goals, and determines the tactics that will lead you to success. Through our range of brand positioning services, we interrogate every facet of your unique business until we understand your unique customers, challenges, vision, values and goals.

Strategy ensures you engage and delight

Only by truly understanding your customers, can you ensure your digital assets are resonating with them. Flume’s proprietary strategic process uncovers the needs and wants of your customers, and how your digital assets can tick those boxes - ensuring that you engage with and delight your customers at every turn.

Strategy provides a benchmark

The organisation you lead today could look very different in five or ten years’ time. By outlining the steps to future success, your strategy determines benchmarks to measure that success against as you transform and grow – and becomes a compass that ensures you always keep your customers at the forefront of any new initiatives.

Transform your future

Our strategy services

Customer Personas

A strategic workshop that maps out your key customer personas, their pain points, needs and goals, and strategies to address these.

Platform Strategy

Successfully launching a digital platform starts with the right strategy, scope and approach – a complex process in which our team is well-practised!

Website Strategy

We kick off with a workshop to uncover your website goals, then apply best practice to create a site structure that’s designed to succeed.

Customer Experience

Through workshops and talking with your customer and team, we evaluate your customer journey and provide valuable recommendations to step up your customer experience.

Brand Positioning

A deep dive into what sets your organisation apart, resulting in a succinct, compelling framework for your communications.

Digital Experience Strategy

Starting with a workshop to map out your customer journey, we create a roadmap of streamlined and effective digital experiences.

Our other service lines


Overwhelmed by outdated forms, data entry or manual processes? Read about how we use technology to streamline processes in a way that delights your customers and your staff.

Digital Platforms

Looking to create an online product, service or marketplace? Learn about our proven process for taking big ideas from vision to reality. Or changing old ways into remarkable new ways.


Is your website working hard enough for your organisation? Find out how we build websites that can tranform your customer experience – as well as your business.

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