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The opportunity 

BigMouth owner, Sarah McLeod, is an amazing business woman. Sarah took over BigMouth and grew it into one of the best voice over agencies in New Zealand. She now manages some of New Zealand’s top voice-over talent, many of whom would have heard on the radio, on TV or online.

Sarah came to us because she knew there was a better way she could do business and, through cleverly automating her business, saw an opportunity to take her unique model global.

We worked with Sarah to refine this vision and create a new online way of operating her business. 

“We set out to create the global standard for voice over work.” 

We mapped out BigMouth’s manual processes and suggested new ways of doing things to create a compelling digital experience for both her voices, existing customers, potential customers and herself.

The solution

We built a digital platform and website that streamlined significant parts of BigMouth, which allowed Sarah to focus on the important part of her business: the people.

Sarah no longer had to spend hours poring over spreadsheets. Instead, she had a simple platform to manage the onboarding of new voices, which Sarah could review and approve at the click of a button.

More impressively, clients were able to browse her book of voices, request auditions, listen to these online and book a job. Voices are able to upload files and work through a revision process with clients (online) - then the client is able to sign off the job.

The system then automatically collects payments or invoices for each job and receives ratings and reviews, so that Sarah can monitor that both clients and voices are happy. For key clients, Sarah is able to manage this process herself in an extremely efficient way.

The transformation 

Sarah has been able to take her business globally, with voice-overs and clients able to utilise her simple, effective platform from anywhere in the world.

Today, BigMouth is arguably New Zealand’s leading voice over agency, with a list of clients from all over the world. The digital transformation led to a remarkable increase in voice-overs - from just over 100 to almost 1,000 voices. 

Sarah is thrilled that the amount of time she spends doing admin has significantly decreased. At the same time, BigMouth’s capacity has been significantly increased which has been great for the company’s bottom line too. 

We’ve continued to work with Sarah over the years to build on this remarkable success.

I’ve had so much fun working with Flume. They have listened and understood the needs specific to my business. They have always been incredibly solution focussed. I have always felt they make time for me and my questions.
Sarah McLeod
Managing Director
But success isn't without results...

They came to us for a website, what they got in return was so much more

The impact report

increase in registered voices within the first year


increase in turnover within 12 months


more visitor sessions than the year prior to launch

The services
Customer Personas
A strategic workshop that maps out your key customer personas, their pain points, needs and goals, and strategies to address these.
Learn about strategyLearn about automationLearn about automationLearn about digital platforms
Digital Automation
First we’ll throughly learn how your current business operates, then we’ll scope, create, design and implement your far more efficient, automated business.
Learn about strategyLearn about automationLearn about automationLearn about digital platforms
Website Strategy
We kick off with a workshop to uncover your website goals, then apply best practice to create a site structure that’s designed to succeed.
Learn about strategyLearn about automationLearn about automationLearn about digital platforms
Digital Platforms
Want to launch an online venture, enter a new market, or revolutionise your business using digital? We can take your idea from inception to launch.
Learn about strategyLearn about automationLearn about automationLearn about digital platforms
Custom Websites
If your requirements are a little more complex, or you need to integrate more deeply with third party services, then a custom website is the way to go.
Learn about strategyLearn about automationLearn about automationLearn about digital platforms

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