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The opportunity

MoleMap is New Zealand’s leading skin surveillance business, and has been helping people monitor their skin and detect the early signs of skin cancer for more than 20 years. With nearly 100 clinics across  New Zealand and Australia, MoleMap are pioneers in melanoma detection, creating a proven methodology to map skin and moles and detect skin cancer early.  

Despite their expertise and success, MoleMap’s digital experience was outdated and didn’t reflect their modern and innovative brand. MoleMap had a good understanding of where their customer experience might be letting them down, but not how they could necessarily make it better. On top of this, customers didn’t know what to expect from their customer experience, as very little of this was communicated on the website.  

There was a huge disparity between what customers thought they were booking and the experience itself.

The solution

Our first port-of-call was to look at the current customer experience and understand where the mismatches were happening. So, we ‘mystery-shopped’ their services. We then mapped out the full customer journey from end to end. 

Throughout this process, we also identified a number of key opportunities where MoleMap could use interactive tools to dramatically improve their customer engagement. The first was a “Risk Quiz”: a tool in which customers can answer a series of questions relating to their skin, which then gives them an estimated risk profile of developing skin cancer. 

The second was the “Spot the Melanoma Challenge”, a tool where people could click on various moles on photos to spot the signs of melanoma - with a purpose of educating potential customers about the difficulty of detecting skin cancer with an untrained eye. 

The transformation

Next, we developed a website strategy to define the custom website that was needed to address customer concerns and provide an easy booking process, as well as creating an engaging experience that would benefit and delight both MoleMap and their customers. 

We then began designing the user experience that would bring MoleMap’s new digital experience to life - as well as user interface design where we took the wireframes created in the user-experience design and applied the Molemap brand, creating new elements to serve as part of its digital design language. 

Now, having a good idea of what the website would look and feel like, we began work on the technical architecture, database design and custom website development itself. We undertook the process with regular reviews and input from MoleMap, leading to the successful launch of their new website in May 2018.   

MoleMap came to us to build them a website. What they got was a remarkably enhanced customer experience.

MoleMap had set targets of at least a 10% increase in all engagement metrics. We far exceeded this in many areas.

The Risk Quiz and Spot the Melanoma Challenge, ideas created from learnings in our customer discovery work, were both highly successful. The Risk Quiz was used by over 4% of people who booked. And over 4% of people used the Spot The Melanoma Challenge tool, educating people about how important it is to get your skin checked by an expert.

The most significant improvement was in the number of bookings, which increased by over 90%, enabling growth and the ability for MoleMap to further invest in technology and RnD.

The New Zealand website ended up performing so well that it outranked the US website. We ended up rolling out these strategies in Australia and the US, which also saw similar success. 

On the back of this significant growth, we were able to undertake a number of other projects.

  1. We adopted an experiment-based approach, implementing continuous conversion rate optimisation (initiatives) in the 12 months following, allowing MoleMap to unlock even more growth in bookings numbers.
  1. We were also able to migrate the significant MoleMap web assets to a serverless infrastructure. With the introduction of significant search engine ranking changes by Google, this was able to secure and grow MoleMap’s strong digital experience.
  1. Furthermore, we were engaged to work with MoleMap on a significant digital transformation platform that revolutionised their customer experience, dubbed MyMoleMap. This enabled MoleMap to offer entirely new offerings, such as telehealth consultations, which have been vital throughout the COVID pandemic. This included the MyMoleMap customer portal, which enables customers to manage their bookings and results online. 

Flume have helped MoleMap rebuild our marketing site and launch our redesigned patient portal. This work, along with our broader marketing program has helped us grow bookings significantly through digital activation.
Vlad Mehakovic​
Chief Customer Officer
But success isn't without results...

They came to us for a website, what they got in return was so much more

The impact report

decrease in bounce rate within the first year


more sessions than the year prior to launch


more visitors during first year of operation

The services
Customer personas
A strategic workshop that maps out your key customer personas, their pain points, needs and goals, and strategies to address these.
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Website strategy
Successful websites take into account the needs of users, search engines and your business, and that all begins with a robust and well-defined strategy.
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Platform strategy
Successfully launching a digital platform starts with the right strategy, scope and approach – a complex process in which our team is well-practised!
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Customer experience strategy
Through workshops and talking with your customer and team, we evaluate your customer journey and provide valuable recommendations to step up your customer experience.
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With our “Go” website package, we’ll get you up and running with a website that actually generates you conversions, whether that’s sales, calls or enquiries.
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Serverless websites are the crème de la crème of digital assets, helping your business to be more secure online, reduce maintenance and serve high volumes of traffic.
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